DisposablePlasticWear offers vinyl aprons in 4 mil. embossed, frosty clear and 6 mil. white. The bib style comes with tie straps around the neck and waist made of the same material. The UHW-45 white bib is hemmed with grommets and tie straps. These aprons are waterproof, stain resistant, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. The protective vinyl garment withstands repeated use, and may be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Our disposable polyethylene aprons come in different materials, weights, and lengths, and are ideal for cafeterias, food preparers, canners, light manufacturing, and labs. Some of these aprons are packed in a handy, one-at-a-time dispenser box while others are individually packaged. We also have some aprons made of non-woven, polypropylene. We now have kid's and children's aprons as well.

Children's Apron (#10435)

Made from Polypropylene. Children's Bib Apron; 20" wide x 24" long. Great for schools, craft projects, or cooking classes. Comes in white. Can be colored or written on.

Disposable Apron (#430)

1-Mil Bib Apron; polyethylene; frosty clear; 28" x 46"; 20-count and 100-count quantities.

Disposable Apron (#602)

1.75 Mil Apron; White Embossed; polyethylene; 34" tie lengths; 28" X 46"

Children's Bib Aprons (#64620)

Children's Bib Aprons; 16" x 36"; white. Made from Polyethylene, waterproof.

Polypropylene Aprons (#AP-NWI)

Nonwoven polypropylene; 28" X 45"

Disposable Vinyl Aprons (#UC-48)

6-mil vinyl apron in frosty clear; 35" X 48"


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