The impervious barrier gown combines a layer of polyethylene over the spun-bonded polypropylene for a strong barrier against hostile liquids and airborne contaminants. It is tear resistant, and has strong seams. The isolation gown is made from fluid-resistant, spun-bonded polypropylene that is air permeable for body ventilation. It has a 3" nylon cuff for a comfortable fit. The economy isolation gown is like the isolation gown, but has elastic at the wrist instead of the nylon cuffs.

Impervious Barrier Gown (#948)

Impervious Barrier Gown: 47" long; white; 5-count or 50-count quantities.

Isolation Gown (#950)

Isolation Gown: yellow; 47" long with a 3" nylon knit cuff at wrist, long sleeve. Ties at neck & waist. Fluid resistant, resists blood & water. 5-count or 50-count quantities.

Economy Isolation Gown (#955)

Economy Isolation Gown: yellow; 47" long; 5-count or 50-count quantities.


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