Shoe Covers

Shoe covers, booties, and over boots are great for shoe protection, and are used to help prevent the transfer of communicable disease. They are also useful when you need complete foot and ankle protection. These products are waterproof, and come in a wide range of materials as listed below. The unisize shoe covers come with or without a non-skid sole to prevent slipping.

Blue Shoe Covers (#330)

Shoe Covers: polyethylene; blue; elastic edge; unisize.

Over Boots with Tie (#490)

Over Boots; ties attached; 3 mil; ply smooth clear; unisize; 15" tall.

Over Boots (#491)

Over Boots: no tie; 3 mil, poly smooth clear; unisize; 11.5" tall.

Non-Skid Blue Shoe Covers (#910)

Shoe Covers: non-skid bottom; polypropylene; blue; non-woven; elastic edge; fluid resistant.

White Shoe Covers (#911)

Shoe Covers: polypropylene; white; unisize.


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Shoe Covers

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